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Checking the Motors Used in HVAC

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Electric motors are essential components in HVAC systems. This program illustrates the various jobs motors are required to do, from moving supply air, to combustion air, outdoor air and the refrigerant itself. Different types of electric motors, both PSC and ECM are covered as well as how a motor in each application should be checked for proper function. This program is over 41 minutes in length and is available in DVD format only.

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Module 1: Overview of Motor Checks in HVAC (5:34 Minutes)

Module 2: Checking Blower Motors (10:16)

Module 3: Checks of the ECM Variable Speed Blower Motor (7:51)

Module 4: Checking Inducer Motors (5:00)

Module 5: Checking Outdoor Fan Motors (5:42)

Module 6: Checking Compressor Motors (7:24)

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