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Electricity for HVAC Technicians Series

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Series Overview

The Electricity for HVAC Technicians programming is a three hour series that takes a candidate from an understanding of basic electricity to advanced diagnostics. The series includes 13 programs that are 6 to 20 minutes in length and are available in CD, DVD, or Blu-ray format.

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#1: Energy, Atoms, and Electricity (13:30 Minutes)

  • Electricity fundamentals
  • Voltage and how energy moves

#2: Energy Flow and Current (11:45 Minutes)

  • Polarity, current, and how electricity does work
  • Movement of charge

#3: Magnetism (9:45 Minutes)

  • Magnetism and electricity
  • Creation, control, measurement, and conversion of electricity

#4: Electrical Resistance and Ohm’s Law (12:15 Minutes)

  • Resistance and resistivity
  • Ohm’s Law in planning and troubleshooting

#5: Basic Circuits (18:45 Minutes)

  • Series, parallel, and series/parallel circuit types

#6: Basic Electrical Components (9:45 Minutes)

  • Overview of the design and function of fuses, breakers, low voltage transformers, relays, contactors, and electronic boards

#7: Electrical Power (5:15 Minutes)

  • Measuring electrical power
  • Electrical power vs. electrical energy

#8: Electricity Transmission and Wiring (12:30 Minutes)

  • How voltage is transformed and distributed
  • 3 phase, 2 phase and control voltage circuits

#9: Wiring Diagrams – The Schematic (10:45 Minutes)

  • How to use the field wiring diagram, the pictorial and the schematic diagram

#10: Electric Motors (18 Minutes)

  • Construction, operation and usage of the induction, shaded pole and electronically commutated motor

#11: Electric Meters and Measurements (19 Minutes)

  • Voltage checks, current checks, resistance measurements, continuity checks and capacitor checks

#12: Diagnostics of Electrical Equipment (10 Minutes)

  • Logical method for isolating an electrical problem quickly and accurately

#13: Electrical Safety (16:30 Minutes)

  • Risks of working around electricity
  • How to use electricity safely

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