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Air Conditioning for HVAC Technicians Series

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Series Overview

The Air Conditioning for HVAC Technicians programming is a three hour series that takes a candidate from a basic overview of an air conditioning system to more advanced topics including diagnostics. The series includes 7 programs that are 22 to 30 minutes in length and are available in CD, DVD, or Blu-ray format.

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#1: Heat, Temperature and Energy Transfer(29 Minutes)

  • Movement of heat
  • How a boiling liquid is the heart of an air conditioning system

#2: Components and Operations (26 Minutes)

  • Typical components used in air conditioning equipment; their function, design, and effect on the system

#3:  Superheat and Subcooling (25:30 Minutes)

  • Role of superheat and subcooling in a properly balanced air conditioning system

#4: Evacuation of AC Systems (28 Minutes)

  • Why remove moisture and non condensables
  • Proper equipment and evacuation methods

#5: Charging and Checkout (29:15 Minutes)

  • Basic steps of a proper charge, and how charge affects the system
  • Proper tools and charging methods

#6:  Brazing for HVAC Technicians (28 Minutes)

  • Steps to making the perfect brazed joint
  • Tools and techniques for brazing

#7: HVAC Technician Tools: The Manifold Gaugeset (22:30 Minutes)

  • Why the gaugeset is an invaluable tool in HVAC leak checking, evacuation, charging and recovery

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